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Wagener Mission Station


115 Railroad Avenue,

Wagener, SC 29164

Director: Virginia Reagan


The Wagener Mission serves a small rural town in Aiken County, uniting volunteers to help families in need through these services:

  • Prayer

  • Food distribution twice weekly

  • Clothing on a needs basis

  • GED assessment and classes

  • Transportation to the medical clinic in Columbia (CCMM)

  • Help with filling documents and legal papers

  • Help with budgeting

  • Help finding resources for clients

  • Partnership with other agencies to meet needs

  • Mentoring

  • Distribution of hygiene products as needed

  • Help with prescriptions, rides to the hospital, doctors, clinics, lawyers

  • Alpha Bible/Faith Discussions beginning in March – Call or email for information

Who We Are:

Christ Central Wagener Mission Station is committed to bringing hope to the impoverished community of Wagener by providing food assistance and, in special cases various, other items by request. Though not the focus of Christ Central Wagener, it is not uncommon to supply other necessities such as clothing, toiletries and medical funding to those in critical need. 

Wagener Mission Station Shield
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