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Wagener Mission Station

Christ Central Ministries Inc. Wagener

115 Railroad Avenue,

Wagener, SC 29164

Director: Cynthia Gray

(803) 351-2175

The Wagener Mission Station was founded by Ms Virginia Reagan over 12 years ago. It was her desire to serve this small rural town in Aiken County by providing much needed food. She recruited several volunteers to help begin her vision. It has grown to dozens of volunteers representing 10 different churches, joining to help families in need in the Wagener, Salley and Perry area. We offer the following services to our clients.


  • Prayer, Hope and Encouragement from a counselor.

  • Food distribution twice weekly 115 Railroad Ave

  • Tuesday 9:30 - 12:00

  • Thursday 1:00 - 3:15

  • Clothing - Angels’s Closet, 117 Railroad Ave (Same Hours)

  • Help clients find available resources.

  • Help with filling out forms, documents and legal papers

  • Help with budgeting

  • Partnership with other agencies to meet needs

  • Distribution of hygiene products when available

Who We Are:

Christ Central Wagener Mission Station is committed to bringing hope to the Wagener, Salley and Perry communities by providing food assistance and clothing to our clients. Additionally, we can lead people to resources available to them for things such as transportation, baby food and diapers that they may not be aware of.  Our counselors during the interview process listen to our clients and offer encouragement and possible suggestions to their issues and pray.

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