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Mission Lake Youth Outreach

Pine Plain Road
Gaston, SC 

Directors: Jim Gregory & Mark Kingsbury

Mission Lake Shield PNG.png

Mission Lake is the result of years of intensive study and collaboration around the challenge of poverty facing the state of South Carolina. It is a community-based response that is not dependent upon unsustainable local, state and federal sources of funding and is designed to be a key component of a sustainable, scalable, respectful, and accountable system for responding to needs.

At Mission Lake we are dedicated to reaching the youth of this generation. We know that the youth of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. With that in mind, Mission Lake is a wholesome environment with the ability to facilitate many different forms of youth-outreach. We hope that our wilderness camp will become a place for community churches, government, schools, businesses, and individuals to mentor, educate, and develop those within their reach. We are here to help you make your dreams of reaching the youth a reality.

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