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Mission Lake Leadership

Each one of us is a missionary of sorts, that mission being to pass on the word and works of Jesus. My mission has been for the most part that of working with the Boy Scouts, and even before that, I worked with the youth during the many school trips with my two sons. The Scout Oath – “On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight” –has no other meaning other than to be a missionary. Four years ago, I met Pastor Jimmy Jones at Mission Lake. Knowing my interest in the outdoors with the scouts and seeing all the kayaks in my front yard, a neighbor suggested I meet Pastor Jimmy for lunch, and here we are now. Pastor Jimmy told me what we were doing with the scouts at their age was hopefully preventing Christ Central having to work with them later in life. My beliefs have kept me in the faith, knowing that there is some way that  I will be able to minister to these youth with what the good Lord has enabled me to do.  I’m not so sure how many lives have been changed, but I have provided many young men and boys with the knowledge that there is always someone who will step up and help those as they attempt to help themselves.

Pine Plain Road
Gaston, SC 

Directors: Jim Gregory

Jim Gregory

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Pine Plain Road
Gaston, SC 

Directors: Mark Kingsbury

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Mission Lake is the result of years of intensive study and collaboration around the challenge of poverty facing the state of South Carolina. It is a community-based response that is not dependent upon unsustainable local, state and federal sources of funding and is designed to be a key component of a sustainable, scalable, respectful, and accountable system for responding to needs.

A National Pilot Project

  • Positioned to serve the state of South Carolina.

  • Approximately 1400 acres of pristine land with a fifty acre lake and two ponds.

  • Capacity expansion possible for generations to come.

  • Less than fifteen miles from Columbia, SC.

  • Near many employment opportunities.

  • Development has begun!

Mark Kingsbury

Mission Lake's Wilderness Prayer Garden is an amazing and unique work in progress. Although still under construction, a visit here is a must. Come and see the breath-taking sculptures that have been generously donated to this very special, sacred spot overlooking Mission Lake. You may also meet the specially skilled laborers who are faithfully making this vision a reality. The Prayer Garden offers the opportunity to make a deep connections with God through tranquil times of prayer and reflection. 

546 State Pond Road,

Gaston, SC

Mission Lake Shield PNG.png

Prayer Garden
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