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Career & Life Skills


3 Hickman Street,

Graniteville, SC 29829
President: Mr. Roger Floyd


Provides tools and credentials, including free GED assistance and training for employment in the food and construction industries, to help students compete for employment opportunities or enter institutions of higher education. 

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Christ Central Free Fast Track GED Program provides a second chance for people to complete their high school education requirements and get better jobs, pursue higher education, or meet the entrance requirements of the military. The list below shows locations, and contact information for obtaining GED assistance.

Columbia – Kristen Mottey (
Oconee County – Janet Klein (
Aiken – Ellen Grooms (
Graniteville – Linda Coffin (

Christ Central Job Skills Certificate provides career training in specialized areas and a strong foundation in job searching, resume writing, and interviewing. Take any six of these courses to obtain the certificate:

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ServSafe® Food Handlers Safety Certification Test Prep Course is a 3-hour class leading to successful completion of this important national certification test.

Hope Center School
Postsecondary Education Licensee of SC Commission on Higher Education
Culinary Arts and Paralegal Principles
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