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Mission Lake Prayer Garden


We invite you to come see and enjoy the Creator’s presence. Let the beauty and quiet of the wilderness speak to your spirit. We’re so glad  you are here.

As you journey to the Garden itself, we encourage you to spend time along the way to listen with your heart. The landscape, the statues…they are living art God speaks through. Please know God is here in this moment waiting to meet with you. He has answers to your questions and healing for your heart. He’s longing to share His heart and ask you questions too. He’s been waiting for you.

We pray you receive the natural beauty, the  wildlife and the talented artistry around you as glimpses of God’s majesty and power. Most of all, we pray you know deep in your heart that YOU are God’s most treasured creation. He made you in His image. He delights in you, and He is rejoicing that you are making time to be with Him.


At the empty Cross, you’ll find all you’ve ever longed for…cry out to Jesus and let His life flow into yours. Also at the Cross, you’ll find an ample supply of Prayer & Praise Rocks for you to write upon and leave for us to pray over too. As you leave the Garden, please know His presence and our prayers go with you.

680 Pine Plains Road,

Gaston, SC 

Directors: Jim Gregory

Jim Gregory Mission Lake (1).jpg
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