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Christ Central International

636 Pine Ridge Drive, Suite E
Columbia, SC 29172

President: Wellesly Solomon

Christ Central is willing to work with any community, anywhere in the world, to identify and address root causes of poverty. 

For more information, email Pastor Jimmy Jones at


Seeds of a powerful ministry partnership were sown when Pastor Jimmy Jones, on a 1990’s mission trip to India, met Pastor Wellesly Solomon who was serving an eight-year term of service in his church in India. Pastor Solomon began visiting Christ Central Institute and taking courses there during his trips to the United States. At the end of his term of service, he informed Pastor Jimmy that he wanted to start a Christ Central Mission serving the poor of his region of India. Later he recognized the need for educating others to help, and he established a branch of Christ Central Institute in the town of Annanoor. Both Mission and Institute have grown as can be clearly seen in the photos recently sent by Pastor Solomon. May God continue to bless these ministries. In the pictures below are the location of his ministry, a baptism, their church building, a classroom full of students, and a group of believers preparing for first communion.

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