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Concessions of Hope


2018B Main Street,

Columbia, SC 29201

Director Jim Sampson

Phone: 803-851-4999

Fax: 803-851-4115

Assisting the homeless by creating an inviting environment where they are welcomed, cared for and fed a few times a month and can get a cup of coffee in the morning.

Recognizing Need


We believe that whenever you feed or serve others, you are lifting up the Kingdom of God. As volunteers serve, God uses these people to be His hands and feet. Barriers that exist in the heart of the homeless and destitute begin to break sown. The journey of restoring the homeless person back to normal function begins with meeting basic needs, which in turn opens the door to hearts whose hope has been lost. 

Shaping the Minds of the Homeless

By Providing hope to those in need, we begin to shape the minds of those we serve in the homeless community here in downtown Columbia. When you create and inviting environment where they feel welcomed and loved, you begin to create hope in the hearts and minds of those battling with poverty. 

Tues-Thursdays ( Donuts and coffee on Tuesdays; hot breakfast on Wednesdays and Thursdays)  8-9am 

Each Saturday: Church service (The Real Church) 9-10 am

Lunch:11: 30am-12:30 pm

Dinner: 4-5 pm

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