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Christ Central Optical Clinic

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2018A Main Street,

Columbia, SC 29201

Contact: Resource & Solution Center


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Our Mission – We exist to serve the people of South Carolina. We are a free clinic, serving only those who have no usable medical insurance and are 18 or older.

About Us – In close relationships with medical professionals, service organizations, and hospitals in our community, we strive to provide care to those who have no other options.


We neither seek nor accept government funding or insurance reimbursements. We desire to partner with organizations which understand and empathize with our mission. We seek funding through Sponsorships, Donations, and In-Kind Giving.

Volunteers – We depend on a core of volunteers, often retirees, to perform a wide variety of critical services assisting those in need. Such persons are usually the first people our patients see when they enter the clinic and the last they see upon departure. If you have interpersonal, computer, or telephone skills, we may have a place for you.


To Qualify for Care, You Must:

  • Be 18 years old or older.

  • Be without medical insurance including Medicare, Medicaid, or Veterans’ Benefits.

  • Not have injuries covered by Workman’s Compensation.

  • Have family income less than 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines.

  • Not be in need of immediate emergency medical help. If you need such help, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room


Bring the Following Items to the Hope Plaza Resource & Solution Center to Make an Appointment:

  • South Carolina Driver’s License/Photo ID

  • Social Security Card

  • Notarized Statement from Employer Stating Weekly Hours and Pay Rate

  • Notarized Statement with Contact Information from Person Who Has Been Supporting You

  • Social Security Disability benefit statement if you are on SSI.


Professional Medical Staff – Our professional staff members bring decades of experience to their volunteer work at Christ Central Medical.

 Dr. Bud Antley, OD

Starting February 10, 2021, the eye clinic will be switching from the second Thursday of the month to the second Wednesday. If you have any question please contact Director Robin McCray of the Resource & Solution Center at 803-586-6814.

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