Central Midlands Transitional Retreat

201 Duffie Drive,

Lexington, SC 29702

Director: Al Kulp

Fax: 803-359-1509


Who We Are

CMTR is a housing facility designed specifically for United States Veterans in partnership with the Department of Veterans Administration and many others committed to the needs of the battle-weary. Our program includes transitional housing, education, training, financial counseling, and employment consulting. In addition, we provide physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental stabilization for veterans.


Our services are provided by a team of professionals and volunteers who value homeless veterans. Many of the professional services are offered through partnerships with other service providers including the Department of Veterans Administration.


We are located in Lexington, SC, on a beautiful ten acre tract of land with residential spaces and recreation and educational facilities on site.

Mission Statement

We endeavor to provide a safe, stable environment for veterans transitioning from a state of homelessness to a status of stableness, where they may rest and reflect on their experiences, and self determine a path forward for a Godly and productive life. Our focus provides a particular emphasis on obtaining the individual life skills necessary to gain full-time employment and permanent housing.

Who Qualifies?


Our program is designed to accommodate veterans with a wide range of needs. Every veteran is unique and important, and we intend to  accommodate all who desire to change.

Five Stages of Our Program:

Phase 1: Evaluation and Assessment
Phase 2: Stabilization and Orientation
Phase 3: Equipping and Goal Preparation
Phase 4: Graduate Phase
Phase 5: After-Care


We Provide Assistance For:

1. Obtaining DD214 Certificates of Release or Discharge
2. Obtaining birth certificates
3. Obtaining photo ID’s and drivers licenses
4. Resume writing
5. Completing online job applications

We Also Offer:

1. GED training
2. Math classes
3. Computer training
3. Training in food handling and preparation
4. Fork lift operator training
5. Counseling for veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI
6. Travel to and from job interviews and work places

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Assistant Director:

James Wardlaw (JW)


Operations Manager:

Uche G. Onwukanjo


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