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Christ Central of the Grand Strand


PO Box 7768,

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Director: Ruth Williams

Founders: Peter Guthy &Daniel Hall



Our long-term plan for this newly established ministry, Christ Central of the Grand Strand, is to become a valuable resource ministry with a heart to serve by matching needs and resources.  We are putting in place abilities to accept requests for a wide range of needs including those as basic as food and clothing, as complicated as education and life skill training, and as urgent as shelter, medical care, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We are developing relationships with and understanding of resources in the Grand Strand and working toward providing certain key resources directly.

Our vision is to serve the poor, sharing hope and love with all who come seeking help, solving problems, and offering mentoring and discipleship training, continuously practicing the Great Commission and the Golden Rule. We pray for God’s blessing on this ministry and

on all who come seeking help. We are already helping in small

ways with some referrals.

If you want to give help, give us a call or email.


If you need help, email us for an appointment since

we are new and have not established regular hours.

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