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Graniteville Mission Station

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3 Hickman Street,

Graniteville, SC 2982

Director: Judy Floyd


Enriching the Graniteville community by uniting volunteers to help families in need through education, prayer, job skills training and health services.

Hope Center is a community center of hope and health at the site of the 2005 train wreck/chlorine spill in Graniteville, SC. It is a safe haven for children and youth after school and offers educational opportunities from birth to senior adult, providing job training and creation for the Graniteville community.

Specific services offered include: Preschool (See Trinity Academy below), after school mentoring,  banquets/events planning, free GED training/testing,  ServSafe(R) Manager’s Certification, child advocacy, computer lab, sports activities, and an Eye Clinic.

Opportunities for You:

We depend on your donations to support our ministry. If you can help, please go HERE or just use the PayPal Donate button.

We have many opportunities for volunteers to serve. You can print the forms and mail them in or just call or email for an appointment to discuss opportunities.

Christ Central:

The Hope

Center Story

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